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Export factoring provides exporters with a flexible and efficient financing solution, allowing them to accelerate cash flow, manage credit risk, and focus on their core business activities. It enables exporters to leverage their accounts receivable to obtain immediate funds, ensuring a steady cash flow and supporting growth in international trade

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Oil & Gas industries
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Oil & Gas industries

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Alliance © Forfeiting company specializes in providing financial services related to international trade and export financing. We offer a comprehensive range of forfeiting solutions to exporters, importers, and financial institutions.
Our key activities are:

Scheme of work

Bypass the stringent criteria of conventional bank loans

Our alternative options offer a more convenient and transparent funding process for your business

Obtain funds based on your buyers’ financials, rather than solely relying on your own

Applying is hassle-free

Our solutions are more adaptable than traditional banking methods


ALLIANCE © forfeiting company buys the export receivables from the exporter at a discounted price, providing immediate cash flow to the exporter
Purchasing of Receivables:
ALLIANCE ©  forfeiting company assumes the risk of non-payment by the importer or buyer, providing protection to the exporter against commercial and political risks
Risk Mitigation:
ALLIANCE ©  forfeiting company provides upfront cash payment to the exporter, allowing them to finance their working capital needs and reduce the risk of late payments or non-payment
ALLIANCE ©  forfeiting company offers credit insurance services, which cover the exporter against the risk of non-payment by the importer or buyer
Credit Insurance:
ALLIANCE ©  company handles the collection of payments from the importer, relieving the exporter from the administrative burden and ensuring timely receipt of funds
Collection and Administration:

Flexibility: Our company offers flexible terms and conditions, tailoring their services to meet the specific requirements of exporters and adapting to different industries and markets


AT ALLIANCE ©  we are a team of experienced professionals who provide expertise and guidance to exporters on trade finance matters, helping them navigate complex international transactions

Expertise and Consultation:

Why us?

Work worldwide

Quick application

Quick decision

Specialist in 6CC legion

Consultative process

No credit limit

Expertise in more than 20 industry

Quick access to cash

Light in administration

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Enhance your cash flow and boost liquidity by securing funding based on the value of your invoices immediately after they are generated.

We offer a comprehensive range of adaptable financial solutions designed for professionals, which encompass invoice and accounts receivable financing, import and export factoring, purchase order funding, and supply chain finance